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Opening up
...ordinarily, when you are depressed you can ask Buddha for help. By recognizing Buddha's unlimited wisdom and universal compassion it helps psychologically. When you remember his universal compassion, when you think of his universal wisdom, those objects, somehow on your side also you open up a little bit. In other words, you just think about the reality of the whole world, look at what's going on in the whole world: what's going on in Africa? what's going on in America? what's going on in India? what's going on? By just thinking about all the different conditions of human existence, you find, "Somehow, I'm not too bad, I'm not too bad." So that's the way of opening up, that's what being open means. When your mind has opened to such a profound universal object, it has space. It is the same thing when you remember Buddha's unlimited compassion, unlimited wisdom and unlimited power. Thus it is easy to see that taking refuge is not something that you are just relying on words. 
Lama Yeshe
Love & clear light,

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