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Building Balanced Empathy workshop
in Loenen

  Wendy Ridley
Wendy Ridley

With Wendy Ridley

Would you benefit from developing closer relationships with family, friends and your community? Are you interested in developing a deeper understanding of how others experience the world and their emotions? How would your daily life improve, at work and at home, if you were able to respond to others’ needs in a way that’s beneficial to them and to you? Do you need to strengthen your own mental and emotional resilience to prevent burn out?

During the workshop you’ll explore not only how you experience and view the world but also how you relate to others in given situations – and how the choices we make each day can have a profound and wide-reaching impact. You will learn tools and techniques to help practice what we learn so that new ways become habits for us.

(Building Balanced Empathy forms a part of FPMT’s new The a.r.t of Fulfilment course. It can be studied as a stand-alone module.)

The aim of the workshop is to:

  • Improve ability to develop positive relationships in the family, workplace, or community.
  • Increase mental and emotional resilience.
  • Learn how to skilfully balance your responses and behaviours.
  • Become more aware of and better able to work with thoughts, emotions and feelings.
  • Learn how to calm and focus your mind.
  • Cultivate positive qualities which become stable inner resources.

Expect to be active. If you want to achieve true transformation you’ll need to be committed to fully engaging with the wide range of learning materials and practices.

As well as a course manual, there will be audio practices, reflections, practical exercises, and homework assignments; all contributing to a truly experiential learning experience.

This secular course is rooted in Buddhist philosophy and psychology supported by scientific research, Western philosophy and psychology, and other wisdom traditions. It was developed by an international team with academic-level expertise in Buddhism, Western philosophy and psychology, contemporary science and experiential learning methodology.

Saturday October 5, 10AM - 5PM
Donation to offset the costs*: €45
Coffee, tea and a vegeatrian lunch are included

Wendy is a Senior Accredited Faculty member teaching all levels of FPMT's 16 Guidelines internationally and training the next generation of facilitators. She is an Education Consultant and is on the FDCW board. Wendy delivers workshops in English and has experience of working with translators.

*Donation to offset the costs: Organising activities costs money. With this amount, we indicate what the direct costs are for the activity, but not the costs to enable the continued existence of the Maitreya Instituut. If you can contribute less then this amount, please request a contribution from the Study Fund. In case you can contribute more: thank you!



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