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The Bosoord building is a former hotel, now transformed into a location for courses, conferences and home to the Buddhist program of the Maitreya Instituut.

Maitreya Loenen

Most Buddhist courses are taught by a fully qualified Tibetan teachers: Geshe Sonam Gyaltsen and Geshe Yeshe Rinchen. Besides introductory lectures, they teach courses that may stretch over several weekends or even years. The teachings by Geshe Sonam Gyaltsen are translated into Dutch, Geshe Rinchen's teachings are translated into English.

Most other courses are taught in Dutch by experienced senior students, but several English-speaking teachers regularly visit us, like e.g. H.E. Zong Rinpoche, Alan Wallace, Glen Svensson, and Andy Weber.

During the courses, the institute provides for accommodation in double or single rooms (nearly all with attached bathroom), coffee, tea, vegetarian meals, bed-linen and a towel.

Find directions to the center at this information page, more information on registration and accommodation and general course information.

You can reach us via or call 055-5050908 (international dial: +31 555 050908).
(If you urgently need to contact Loenen, you can call 0617332375.)





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