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Glen Svensson

Retreat: Mindfulness, 
Selflessness & Compassion 
Feb 23 - March 3 in Loenen
with Glen Svensson

This nine-day retreat will focus on three core elements of practice – shamatha, vipashyana & compassion.
Part 1 of the retreat until Wednesday afternoon focuses on calmness, clarity and focus in meditation. 
Part 2 from Wednesday afternoon will focus on developing wisdom & insight.
Both parts may be booked separately. 
Suitable for both beginners and those already established in these practices.
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This (limited) English section of the website focuses only on the teachings and courses that are taught in English.

Study Program

Apart from guided meditations, prayers and retreats, which are listed on our Program Calendar, our main activities concentrate on the study programs.
These cover all levels, from talks for beginners up to study programs that take years to complete. English courses are given in Amsterdam and Loenen.

The Maitreya Instituut

The Maitreya Instituut aims to make Tibetan Buddhism accessible in the Netherlands, because the principles and methods presented in Buddhism can contribute to human happiness. The institute has been organizing teachings and courses on meditation and Buddhist philosophy since 1979.
There are study- and medtitation centers in Amsterdam and Loenen.
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