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FPMT Basic Program in Amsterdam

   Venerable Kaye Miner, resident teacher in Amsterdam
Venerable Kaye Miner

Venerable Kaye Miner will lead this course in easy to understand English.

This in-depth study program in Buddhism is the Basic Program of the FPMT, and is made available by the Maitreya Instituut in Amsterdam and Loenen (in Loenen the program is taught in Tibetan with Dutch translation). The Basic Program was designed by Lama Zopa Rinpoche as a modern integrated program for Buddhist study. It is a comprehensive and practice-oriented transmission of the Dharma, intended for anyone who wishes to go beyond introduction courses and the respective practices. The Basic Program now focusses on the Lam Rim, which is an overview of the entire Buddhist path and all its aspects of philosophy and practice. Meditations and discussions are part of this program.

Students who pass the final, comprehensive exam will be awareded an FPMT Basic Program Completion Certificate. Candidates for the exam must have completed all the subjects of the core curriculum, the Lam Rim retreat, and satisfy the Basic Program criteria for behavior and conduct. With this certificate, students can assist as qualified teachers and teachers-assistants in FPMT centers.
Students of these courses can download the recordings of the teachings via this Download page.

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Through thorough examination you can realize that if your entire life is dedicated to seeking happiness through things like chocolate and ice cream, there is no significance in your being born human. Birds and dogs have the same kind of attitude to life. If you think you're intelligent you should dedicate your life to goals higher than those of chickens!
Lama Thubten Yeshe, from 'Be your own therapist'



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