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Teachings by Geshe Yeshe Rinchen in Amsterdam

  Geshe Yeshe Rinchen
Geshe Yeshe Rinchen

Geshe Yeshe Rinchen will be teaching at Maitreya Instituut Amsterdam on several Saturdays.



Instructions for the lessons of His Holiness the Dalai Lama



What is Calm Abiding (Shamatha meditation)

Calm Abiding is a prerequisite to develop Bodhicitta, therefore, its practice and attainment is of utmost importance for those who wish to complete the Bodhisattva path. In this class Geshe Rinchen will explain the two methods given by Maitreya and Asanga to gradually progress in this practice and engage the students in practical exercise to get a taste of this crucial training.

October 20
We suggest a donation to cover our costs : € 45,- per day
Students or Stadspas : € 25,- per day



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