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Building Balanced Empathy in Amsterdam

  Wendy Ridley
Wendy Ridley

Taking care of yourself while caring for others

with Wendy Ridley

What causes us to ’burn-out’, to feel emotionally overwhelmed and conversely leads us to completely disconnect from others
during times of stress?

Wendy Ridley is a senior trainer and facilitator at the Foundation for Developing Compassion and Wisdom (FDCW). In this public talk she will give us a taster of the one-day Building Balanced Empathy course, which she will facilitate on Saturday October 5 in our centre in Loenen.

The workshop is designed to explore empathy, vulnerability and emotional resilience. We will explore to what extend we truly feel and understand the experiences and emotions of others and we will learn techniques that allow us to relate to others in a way that’s beneficial to them and to us.
Please register in advance

Date: Wednesday October 2
Time: 20.00 - 21.30 hrs
Suggested donation to cover our costs € 15



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